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Life and Business Coaching

New Client Special Offer 

Normally priced at $250/month, get 30% off for as long as you remain a client! Discount Code-NEW

Life and Business Coaching- Learn more about our coaching practice and determine if coaching is right for you. We offer a free coaching consultation to all new clients.

Want a little help in deciding if coaching is right for you? Here's a list of reasons to select a coach.


Internal Quality Auditor for ISO 9001. In this two day seminar students become familiar with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, its structure, and the requirements necessary for registration. Students also learn “what is a process audit,” how to develop a checklist, how to ask leading questions, how to conduct the audit and how to create an audit report. This seminar is available as a public class or on-site at your facility.(1.6 CEU’s)

Transition your auditing skills to ISO9001:2008 - The first in our webinar series (and we're really excited about it, too) gives your internal auditors the chance to learn about the changes to the ISO 9001 standard. Click on the link to learn more.

Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving This one-day seminar teaches the necessary tool to help your organization begin to prevent firefighting. Learn how to determine true root causes so that you can finally solve those nagging, recurring problems. (.8 CEU’s)

Six Sigma Certification Carpenter Group is proud to announce our partnership with ExpertRating, a company offering great online certifications and training... at a fraction of the cost of most training providers! 

PDSA- Download our E-Book about the Deming Cycle of continual improvement and make PDSA work for you!

Project Planning E-Course Understand the basics to Project Management. Click the link to visit HD BizBlog website! ONLY $19

Helpful Stuff

Motivational and Appreciation Awards Carpenter Group proudly offers unique and inspiring motivational and appreciation awards through our partnership with Successories. Here we show a sampling of the hundreds of items available.

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Gantt Chart- Used as a project management tool, the Gantt Chart details your project timeline like a bar graph. We’ve created a spreadsheet that automates nearly all the project management tasks for you, without the aid of those nasty macros! All you do is enter the task, start date, projected end date and voila… instant visual timelines!

Scatterplot- This diagram is used to visualize the strength of potential relationships between 2 variables. Our developers took this concept a few steps further by allowing multiple sets of data and calculating the correlation coefficient (the statistical relationship between the variables) and some additional statistics for each data set. This download is coming very soon! Check back in October for this valuable tool. (we are very sorry for the continued delays, we're working to make this even better before we release it)

Histogram- The histogram provides a snapshot of your process data, allowing you to see what your data looks like. Compare process data, review supplier capability, know for certain if a process output has changed by using a histogram.

Action Plan- With any improvement project, you need to know what tasks have to be completed and by whom. For those times when you don’t need the project timeline, or have a less complex project, a generic action plan is for you. We're giving this spreadsheet away to our Improvement-Matters E-zine subscribers.

Juran's Quality Handbook - This is THE go to guide for all things quality. Although it isn't what I'd call inexpensive, it's truly among the best quality reference guides available.

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