Root Cause Analysis

How often do you or your company keep battling the same issue over and over? This is commonly called Fire Fighting, and is the result of trying to fix the effects of the problem rather than the problem itself. Using the root cause analysis techniques from this seminar you will begin to understand the relationship between cause and effect. Plus you'll learn to identify the true root cause! Only by identifying the true root cause can you even begin to hope the problem will go away.

In fact, simply by adding structure to your organization's issue resolution program, your company saves money by not wasting valuable resources when problem solving. You'll learn tried and true methods and tools that enable your teams to solve issues... and solve them permanently!

Another bonus of determining the actual root cause is the identification of better solutions! Extra inspection is costly and will never resolve an issue. Rather than throw additional layers of inspection into your process, you'll learn to how choose the best solution from a list of team generated potential solutions. And it's all possible because you will have determined the exact location of the problem.

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In our interactive class, students learn root cause methods such as:

Five Why's

Effect-Cause Tree

Process Flow Diagrams

Check Sheets

Fishbone Diagrams

You'll get practical hands-on practice of these and more, allowing you to return to your company with a higher degree of knowledge than if you simply read a book. The experience of using the techniques not only helps solve the problem faster, but saves your company money faster too!

These are the techniques you need to learn right now. Here's why... (and I shouldn't tell you this) you probably don't need to learn the higher level, more complex Six Sigma methodology yet. Many companies spend the money to train black belts and never utilize many of the tools of the trade Also, most companies are hovering statistically around 2-3 sigma for their processes. You don't need to spend all the extra cash right now, you need to get your processes to at least 4 sigma. These tools will get you there almost every time. Then when you're ready, take a Six Sigma course (take ours, naturally... but when you're ready).

Most consultants and trainers will not tell you what I've just told you! They're making great money telling you just the opposite. That's the difference between them and us, we'll provide the training you need, and when you need it.

This course is led by an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner. This certification indicates you're not getting training from just another talking head, but rather from someone who has been in the trenches researching root causes, creating corrective and preventive actions, and leading problem solving teams. You see... we believe in Six Sigma, but we believe in being value-added to our clients more!

Plus we can bring this training directly to your facility. That means no travel expenses for your company, no hotels, no mileage reimbursements! And if that's not enough, the cost per student is much less when we bring this session to you.

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