Six Sigma Certification

Six sigma certification is the only way to prove to your employer or potential employers that you've actually learned and can utilize the tools of the trade.

It's not enough to say you're a Black Belt or Green Belt... anybody can say that. What you need is verifiable proof that you've learned the six sigma body of knowledge.

Our partnership with provides you with the opportunity to not only obtain the knowledge and skills required, they also provide the six sigma certification you need.

ExpertRating offers both Green Belt and Black Belt at outstanding prices.

Current pricing for these sought after courses is $99.99 for the green belt and $199.99 for the black belt. (Pricing found at time of publication. Carpenter Group is not responsible for any pricing changes by ExpertRating)

It is recommended that those desiring six sigma certification take the green belt sessions prior to moving forward to the black belt. This ensures you have the opportunity to learn the body of knowledge prior to taking the exam.

Save $50 by Purchasing Both!

Because you're likely to want both the green belt and the black belt certifications, ExpertRating has special pricing if you purchase both. For only $249.99 you can take both courses and exams. And take them at times that are convenient for you!

Both classes have a 1 year expiration date... in other words, you have an entire year to complete the classes. That's plenty of time, even if you take the classes only on weekends.

You Probably Can't Find Six Sigma Certification For Less

We've seen this type of training offered for as much as $10,000. And that doesn't account for any travel expenses, meals, or the additional time you'd have to spend at work to catch up after being away for a week each month. There simply is no better value available.

Enhance your career by investing in your future. Visit ExpertRating now to see what they can do for you!

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