Motivation and Appreciation Awards

business card case
Metal Card Case

Carpenter Group is pleased to be able to offer motivation and appreciation awards from Successories. Whether you want to inspire your team to new heights or show them you did indeed notice all the work they put in during that recent project, show your outstanding leadership by rewarding your troops with something they can keep.

Acrylic Motivation and Appreciation Awards

Caring Pyramid Award

Successories offers high quality acrylic motivational and appreciation gifts, like the Caring Pyramid Award or the Summit of Success Award. Many of the acrylic awards can be customized with your company logo or with a personalized message. An outstanding way of showing your employees or team members their work has been acknowledged.

Summit of Success Award

These awards are available in several categories, including:


On a Tight Budget?

bright idea
Bright Idea Award

Commitment to Excellence Key Ring

At Successories, there's no need to break the bank to show that you care. Many options are available, like the Bright Idea Award (shown left). Or the Commitment to Excellence key ring. Both are priced less than $15 each and quantity pricing is available for both items shown.

Hundreds of inexpensive options are available for your selection. These less costly options are a sure-fire way to not only motivate and appreciate your employees, but they'll also show your organization's commitment to quality and excellence. After all, both quality and excellence begin with top management exhibiting these attributes. 

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Desktop Motivation and Appreciation

positive spin pen cup
Positive Spin Pen Cup

Available only through Successories, the Positive Spin Pen Cup can provide over seventy different motivating messages simply by turning the three movable bands. The gold silkscreened words and phrases allow you to create a new phrase daily... while the gold cup topper reminds you to Begin Every Day with a Positive Thought.

art glass paperweight
Art Glass Paperweight

Successories offers several varieties of motivational and appreciation paperweights. The photo to the left shows their hand crafted paperweight, each a one of a kind work of art. Entitled Creativity Knows No Limits, this is perfect for your outstanding performers... those who show incredible initiative and the ability to think beyond current limitations. Many different styles and price points are available by clicking on the banner below.

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Motivational Posters

persistence poster motivational poster motivational poster

An incredible array of framed motivational posters is also available.

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