Internal Quality Auditor for ISO9001

This interactive two-day Internal Quality Auditor seminar instructs the students about the ISO 9001 standard as well as how to conduct a process audit. Rather than simply reiterating the standard word for word, we rephrase each paragraph into simple terms. This way the students can understand what is in the standard and what it means.

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In this Internal Quality Auditor seminar we describe why Quality Management System Standards are an important facet of any organization's success... beginning with a big picture overview of why you'd even bother, to making your QMS a profit center instead of an expense. We present the standard in easy to read language to promote understanding of the requirements. You won't have to read the standard to know what it means... we tell you the intent of each clause! We'll discuss evidence required on both days of the seminar.

Many companies stop at this point, once they reach compliance they believe their job is complete! But we don't stop with compliance. On day two we show how to add value to your Internal Auditing program.

Our Internal Quality Auditor course material is proven to be effective. The material was created by an RABQSA skills examiner, not just a lead auditor. Skill examiners are the people who verify that auditors are competent to perform audits. Thousands of lead and internal auditors have attended these classes. Perhaps even someone you know.

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Already an auditor? Our 2 hour webinar provides all the information you need to transition your auditor skills to ISO9001:2008

Combine this material with our expert instruction and you receive outstanding value for your training dollars. All of our instructor are certified by RABQSA. They have proven their knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard and the ISO 19011 auditing standard. They've also been in the trenches implementing and auditing quality systems. Additionally, all instructors have proven their ability to communicate this material. You won't have to worry if you'll "get it."


Day One- ISO 9001

The Big Picture- The Case for ISO 9001
Clauses 4-6
Class Auditing Activity
Clauses 7 & 8
Class Auditing Activity
Quality System Documentation

Day Two- Process Auditing

Terms, Definitions, and Concepts
Introduction to Auditing
Design a Successful Audit System
Process Audit Approach
Audit Planning
Checklist Development
Audit Activity
Closing Meeting and Audit Report
Compiling Findings Activity
Corrective Action
Department Audit Activity
Compiling Findings Activity

In our interactive sessions, students receive hands-on training. They gain valuable experience by planning for and conducting internal audits within a controlled environment. This allows the students to bring back to their company a higher level of knowledge and in many cases, the ability to immediately conduct audits. You may wish to monitor their performance initially, but you'll find out quickly how capable students are after attending this two day session. It will save you money by having competent QMS internal auditors quickly!

We'll spend most of Day One discussing the ISO 9001 standard. After all, you can't expect to have proficient QMS internal auditors without a thorough understanding of the rules! Then on Day Two, we begin to learn about auditing. As our agenda shows, we provide an outstanding foundation of terms, concepts, and planning before we begin to discuss auditing.

We cover checklist development and students will create two audit checklists. Discussions regarding "canned" checklists are also part of the Day Two session. We'll explain how this can be dangerous and why you might want to use one. Plus, we'll teach you how to ask better questions when conducting internal audits.

Yes, we'll do all of this and more! We'll bring this seminar to your facility (within the United States) for only $2995 when you schedule your sessions at least 30 days in advance. Let us help with the success of your company. Call us at 260-204-0751 now for scheduling information or request additional information by filling out the form on the Carpenter Group page

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