Six Sigma Training

There are many options when it comes to the types of six sigma training. The type you choose should be more dependent upon your needs, and not the price! That's right, your initial decision must be how to choose the best training delivery method for yourself, and only then should the cost become a factor.

There are three main types of training classes available and we'll discuss all three in detail. They are:

Six Sigma Online Training

With the advent of better technology, there is a plethora of options for training in this category. There are several very good six sigma online training providers, at several different price points. But our goal isn't to suggest which you should select, our goal is to help you choose the correct training delivery method.

The initial question to ask yourself is am I self motivated to learn new concepts? Be honest with yourself... if you have a history of delaying projects or assignments until the last moment, then perhaps online training isn't for you.

Providers will impose a limit of time for you to complete their course. When the time limit is done, so are you. Many will extend the time limit upon request... for an additional fee.

But if you have no fear of deadlines, and you are indeed motivated to apply yourself to learning the course material, then six sigma online training may be an outstanding option for you.

This training delivery method is also appropriate for those with busy schedules. If you can't afford to get away from your job for 1 week each month, consider an online provider. The flexibility of online training is perfect for those with busy schedules... study when you have the time!

Generally, you should expect that the online option will be less expensive than classroom training. After all, the provider doesn't have to pay an instructor for 40 days of work, there are no building expenses, and most of the administrative paperwork is handled digitally. This is not always the case, however. Some providers are quite expensive.

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Six Sigma Classroom Training

Six Sigma training is also conducted the "old fashioned" way... classroom style with instructor-led sessions. For many students, it's the easiest way to learn new material. This method has many benefits, including:

  • A set schedule of dates and times
  • Immediate responses to your questions
  • Four weeks away from your desk
  • Assistance when you need it

The cost of this training is usually more expensive than online training, but there are exceptions to this. A good search may turn up a few cost effective solutions for you. However, there are additional expenses that must be considered when selecting classroom style training:

  • Travel expenses, including airfare, meals, hotels, etc
  • You're probably getting paid while attending class
  • Some hotels charge for internet service
  • Time allotted for your project upon your return from class each week- you'll likely have to catch up on uncompleted tasks from your absence

Again, the training delivery method should be selected primarily on how you learn the easiest. Do you need an instructor available for most of the 160 hours of training? Can you dedicate yourself to learning independently each week? Do you need immediate responses to you questions or can you wait a day or two for the response?

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Free Six Sigma Training

This should be your very last resort... sometimes you actually do get what you pay for! We've seen free six sigma training that ended up costing thousands in extra book and examination fees. Not that the training wasn't worthwhile, it just wasn't free.

We noticed a lack of assistance in some of the free classes. This is unacceptable in any type of high level training classes. Some of the material can be a little confusing, and without an instructor or class forum, how do you get help when you have questions?

It's best to ask these questions prior to enrollment. Since most of the online training providers have a time limit for you to complete your classes, don't get stuck being unable to finish your free training because it really wasn't free.

We have not reviewed a free provider that we could recommend. 

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