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Improvement Matters E-Zine, Issue #002 -- Is Operator Error Your Root Cause?
May 06, 2009

Firstly we'd like to thank all of you for subscribing to the Improvement Matters E-Zine, we greatly appreciate your interest and support and we continue to develop tools, training, and more to help you help your company.

It's been a busy year at the Carpenter Group... we've rolled out 2 new seminars recently and we're in the process of readying a couple more. We'll let you know what we're up to very soon! So let's get right to it, shall we?

This editions featured article is from the owner of Carpenter Group and addresses what you're really saying if you think operator error is your root cause.

Is Operator Error Your Root Cause?

Operator errors do happen. Their minds wander; they get mentally fatigued performing the same task all day long; they’re talking with other employees; they take breaks. With all those distractions it’s amazing that they don’t make more mistakes! But is operator error your root cause? Find out here.

New Stuff in our Store

We've developed some process improvement tools, and they're quite inexpensive! Created in Microsoft Excel, these necessary spreadsheets will greatly assist your improvement endevors.

Gantt Charts- Used as a project management tool, the Gantt Chart details your project timeline like a bar graph. We’ve created a spreadsheet that automates nearly all the project management tasks for you, without the aid of those nasty macros! All you do is enter the task, start date, projected end date and voila… instant visual timelines!

The Histogram- The histogram provides a snapshot of your process data, allowing you to see what your data looks like. Compare process data, review supplier capability, know for certain if a process output has changed by using a histogram.

Carpenter Group is now offering ISO 9001:2008 Internal Quality Auditor training in both public seminars, or we can bring the class to you.

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