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Improvement Matters E-Zine, Issue #004 -- New at Carpenter Group September 2009
September 10, 2009
Greetings from Carpenter Group!

We'd like to thank all of you for subscribing to the Improvement Matters E-Zine, we greatly appreciate your interest and support and we continue to develop tools, training, and more to help you help you and your company.

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What's New at Carpenter Group

We're proud to announce a new service to new and future clients. Carpenter Group now offers life and business coaching. We offer free coaching consultations to determine if coaching is right for you. Or you can begin to determine on your own by reading our top reasons to select a coach.

As a bonus to our subscribers, we've discounted our normal coaching fees. Regularly priced at $250 per month, we're offering life and/or business coaching to you for only $175 per month... a full 30% off. This subscribers only benefit can be gotten simply by mentioning the word NEW during your consultation.

The Carpenter Group Blog

Entitled Improvement Matters, we write about all things improvement... from personal to professional to business. And from time to time on other topics that may be of interest to our readers. Check it out at Improvement Matters Blog

Don't forget that as a subscriber you're eligible to access the members only page... and the password is still QIM6302. We recently added a really nice action plan that is also FREE

Thanks again... we'll be in touch

Carpenter Group LLC

Special offers for our subscribers! a goldmine of appreciation and motivational gifts and posters. Excellent for showing your team members that you did indeed notice the hard work they accomplished.
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